Sight seeing


 Day trips

The Old Fishing Port of Essaouira

Visit the Old Fishing Port of Essaouira and witness the daily unloading and sales of the the abundant, twice daily catch.Here you'll discover wooden ships being built and restored and feel as if time has ceased to exist as you experience this style of an industry that in most parts of the world is long gone.



Camel Trips on The Beach of Essaouira

Explore the Beach on a camel and saunter to the 500 year old Portugese Castle buried in the surf. A different way to explore the beach and the thuya forest surrounding what was once called Mogador.




Navigate the narrow winding lanes of the Medina, the Souks and Markets of Essaouira

The Medina of Old Mogador(Essaouira) is compact. Every lane leads to a Spice Market, A Fish Market, a wood working shop and countless other old world experiences. One can easily spend a day discovering treasures handmade in Essaouira or from all over Morocco.



Essaouira's Ramparts

Essaouira is a movie set. Orson Welles spent 4 years in Essaouira and on it's ancient now UNESCO World Heritage Ramparts. In fact, his Othello plus countless other films use Essaouira as its backdrop.

Charie Wilson's War, Kingdom of Heaven, Rendition, Alexander and Hannah are just a few films which have taken advantage of this perfect location



Gull Tower Sunsets

Because of Essaouira's exquisite maritime location, the sunset gives one the feeling of being out to sea.


Hike along a cliff above the sea to the waterfall of Sidi Mbark (35 km)

This full-day excursion takes us to Sidi Mbark, a small Berber village 35 km south of Essaouira.  Nearby, we walk along an amazing cliff line overlooking beautiful bays below. We visit the waterfall beside an old Marabout (house of a Saint or wise man). You discover nature at its best.  Here, the convergence of a large sand dune, a small river, and an imposing  rock splendidly frames a lovely bay.


Take a traditional Berber Cooking Class
 (35 km)

The cooking class is offered in the beautiful “Haha“ region 35 km south of Essaouira. This is the land of the Berbers, Morocco’s indigenous population. The Berbers of the Haha Hills farm crops and keep animals, mainly goats and sheep.  
We will visit a local souk featuring freshly harvested vegetables., in addition to meat, eggs, honey – in short, all staples for daily living.
The class takes place at an ecological farm centered around an authentic Berber kitchen stocked with traditional items for food preparation.


Visit the Sunday Market in Had Draa and walk the Oasis of Ain el Hajar with optional lunch at Moulay Bouzerktoun (30 km)

The largest rural market in the region takes place every Sunday in Had Draa, 30 km from Essaouira off the road to Marrakech. The market gives authentic insight into the daily lives of Berbers in the Moroccan  countryside. You’ll find everything needed for living and working: food for the animals, simple windows made of wood, entrance doors made of metal in “Berber style”, self-made saddle bags for donkeys and camels, and household effects. Especially interesting are the “flying haircutters” offering haircuts and shaves under simple tents – you’ll feel as if you’re in a movie! Vegetables and fruits, nuts and spices give off their aromas of the Orient. After the market tour, we drive to “Ain el Hajar“, the so-called “Gardens of Essaouira“, a lush, green oasis (“ain“). An irrigation system emanating from a natural spring allows crops to grow here.



Take a riverside walk “Outside Essaouira” at Oued Ksob and Diabat (3 km)

For a break from the medina with its small streets and shops, take a walk into nature just 5 minutes from town! The walk starts at the entrance to town and takes you to the top of a hill with a beautiful panoramic view over Essaouira’s bay, the town itself, and the Islands of Mogador.

We then take a shady break while passing through a small Eucalyptus forest on our way to the riverside of “Oued Ksob”.  Although the river’s water level is normally low, it flows through a gentle canyon lined with Argan trees; the combination of water and hills is charming.


Ride donkeys through the Berberland hills

This is a guided donkey ride in the Haha region, 30 km south of Essaouira towards Agadir. It’s a fun activity for kids. While riding atop a donkey, they discover an authentic Moroccan countryside. We pass hidden traditional Berber villages, ride through large and unique argan groves, and finally arrive at a pleasant riverside.

After passing shepherds and farmers in the countryside, we have lunch and a traditional tea ceremony at the family house of our young guide Mohammed. The family keeps animals and plants in the courtyard. The women of the family produce argan oil; they encourage you to try cracking argan nuts on the spot.


On request! We will help finding a tour guide, taxi or car for rent.